Monday, June 25, 2012

Russianbare girls

Suddenly, Angelique, pretty russian ladies woke up from their memories. No! It has not yet been definitively defeated. She remained the only - revenge. Monk Bechet must die! Angelica, russian free women, do not shudder from this terrible word, she only knew why he must die!
She saw in him everything that de Peyrac has been overthrown, who despised servants' stupidity medieval sophistry, against which he struggled in vain to defend the progressive science.
And this limited and untalented monk, for fornication in the darkness of scholastic dialectics, that he triumphed.
Geoffroy de Peyrak died. But before his death he called the monk to the church porch:
- After a month, you stand before God's court! And at the end of a month, russian girls lyrics ...
- Why are you standing here at night, alone, unless you have no money to enter?
Angelique turned around, looking through the eyes of his interlocutor, but no one saw. Suddenly the light of the moon, leaked between the clouds, lit dwarf stocky figure standing near her feet. The dwarf picked up two crossed fingers. A young woman remembered how once her servant, showing the sign, said:
- Madame, poor russian women, when you cross your fingers like that, my friends will say: "Yes, it's ours."
Mechanically, she imitated the sign of Kouassi-Ba shine smile lit up the face dwarf.
'- Yes, you really ours, but at first I doubted it - he said, still smiling. - You're in a gang-Rod Fire Gypsy, Crow, or toothless, Jacques?
Without answering, Angelica, russian girls, went through the glass to look at the monk Bechet. Jumped the dwarf jumped on the window sill boxes. The light emanating from the window, lit his big head in a dirty felt hat. He had small hands and plump, like a child's feet, shod in boots of burlap.
- Where is the client, to whom are you looking? This is the one that sits in the corner? Do you think that this bag of bones you pay dearly for your work?

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