Monday, August 27, 2012

Important life tips

If you have a strong case in favor of the restoration of relations will make you happy, if the thought of the former does not go out of your head, think about what you are pushing for such thoughts. Maybe it's just the idea that you can be alone. No doubt, such an idea as the other fear - no reason to restore the relationship. If you, in spite of all that is written above, decided to restore the relationship - do not be hasty, not to make mistakes, which further pushed the "former" lover.

Along with information, "How to get back ex? How to return a relationship? "You need to know and another - no less important information - what not to do if you want to return the love and the relationship of the Russian girl:

You can not show your desperation and actively demonstrate their desire to return to a long-standing relationship on track. In no case do not force a pity that you can achieve what your "ex" do not want to talk to you further and stop communicating. Predstante strong personality in front of him, not only in words, but in the soul.
In any case not blackmailed favorite.
Do not apologize for having made the decision to end the relationship (regardless of who was the initiator).
Do not swear that after the restoration of relationships you all get better.
Not have to prove the former that the rapprochement would be the act of him.
Be patient and wait for a Russian girl. Do not rely on the fact that as soon as your actions, he would rush to embrace you and confess your love. We would also like to note that if you have doubts about his decision to restore the relationship - do not jump to action. After having read the tips on how to return the love and relationships, you can immediately start trying to restore relations, but then changed his mind. This will lead to a new rupture, which will suffer not only you but also your partner, for it was the first serious rift Russian girl.

How to return the love in a relationship?

Unfortunately, universal recipe that tells how to get ex how to get the relationship, and how to return the love in a relationship, but in spite of this, we will help you to act as confident, and "for sure." The first thing you need to do - is to remember all the details of your relationship. All-all-all - good and bad cases. Remember the great and the bad aspects of his character. Analyze them, and it is likely you will find that the cause of your break. Not the last straw, and it is the cause - the root cause, overcoming which, you will be able to restore relations with the Russian girl.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

where to get acquainted with a Russian woman

A few practical tips zakadrit any Russian woman. In our time, make the acquaintance of a beautiful Russian woman is relatively easy. We just need to find an appropriate occasion and do the right approach. Find a suitable reason is not difficult to understand the main true spirit and act according to circumstances.
The stronger sex by nature a hunter, but modern life is that man is almost no place to use their natural instincts. Attempts to contact on the street is perceived negatively by most women, but using the technique of approach is not difficult to achieve positive results. To become better understood with respect to your situation, I propose to look at this list.

You do not know how to get acquainted with a strange Russian woman, afraid to approach her and start a conversation?
You preziraesh Russian women who do not even look at you, not to mention the fact to meet?
Are you offended by the fact that some manage to seduce beautiful women, but you do not get anything?
You're hopelessly tired of loneliness or the need to meet with ugly ugly?
If your feelings and thoughts in the slightest degree to that list, but now it's time to tackle the urgent problem. For those who do not know tell you a secret that the closer to the fair sex is not so difficult. Always keep in mind that the stranger is usually quite open to dialogue and happy to go to new contacts. It will not hurt to know that the first move toward dialogue is usually expected of a man, so that and act accordingly.
Open eyes and broad smile are the main foundations of any successful dating. The initial introduction, the beginning of which seems promising, often fails prematurely due to the embarrassment that some men experience when trying to make conversation.

In order to overcome this fear, I suggest using an interesting technique. When you decide to make the first step, try to call for help that something unusual or even provocative, all that without any problems will help to overcome the awkwardness of early dating.
In short, try to adjust the situation so that it attracted the attention of your female and led to interesting questions. In the process, try to be myself, to look natural and do not overdo it. It is possible that the first attempts will not be successful and will bring you frustration, but do not despair and throw the rest of your life to chance. Over time, some will experience and you are able to finally come out.

By the way, we are ready to give you a free advice, but first ask the question. Why do you want to get acquainted with a Russian woman? Will this be a one-off meeting for an enjoyable spending time or your desires are much more serious and focused on creating a family? From your response directly depends on the choice of tactics, which in consequence will actually follow. Look no binding fleeting meeting? Going quickly to the disco or if you are older than the nearest nightclub. Strive to have full relations and find a decent wife, then you better stomp, say to the library or in another place on this kind of theater.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Russian women are imposed on men

Let us not deceive ourselves that Russian women already have equal rights with men (it is an illusion, which strongly support the men in fear of the feminists), but still some rights we have won. At least, the right to choose a partner we have. And if we choose, we must fight for it! The reward you will be a great relationship with a loved one, whom you have chosen.
Next, the courageous Russian women! Believe me, it's worth it! Prove to him that he found his happiness!
There was a time when about a girl (woman), who first approached popular with her boyfriend (a man), said she was "running behind". Now the attitude to the initiative of women has changed dramatically. It is a pity that it is not at all.
Many men believe that the first step towards a rapprochement with the opposite sex - it is their right. Moreover, if a woman takes the initiative itself, it's just annoying them.
For example, a woman "accidentally" finds himself in the same companies in the same places as him, if they are colleagues, it is going to smoke, he would see her in the smoking room, a radiant smile, happy, and if he goes to the boss, she would comes to him in the hallway. She "accidentally" turns out to be an extra ticket to the concert or the theater. Or she just bought the latest CD of his favorite rock band, and not averse to enjoying the music in his company. Sometimes, even so, that an enterprising person is sitting in a nearby chair at the time of submission or variety show. Or sometimes she requests to explain anything to work, something to help, nazvanivaet by phone, finding this any more or less suitable occasion.
Some men see it as molestation. Prepositions seem to them to meet far-fetched, do the meeting - customized. "I hate it when a woman is forced upon!" - They frown.
But there are those who welcome when taking the lead female. Irresolute man is not sure whether the lady graciously react to his advances. And if it was the first willing to get close, it is very easy his life. Taught by bitter experience, a man already kaput when meeting or previously rejected by the woman who prefers to be a potential partner has made it clear that he was indifferent to her.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Russiangirls in leather boots

- I have to kill that man who sits there,
- She said.
Quickly dwarf round her waist.
- But you do not have a knife, how are you going to do it?
The first time the young woman looked at her new acquaintance, who had just leaped from the pavement to her, like a rat, as one of the nastiest Paris nocturnal animals that crawl on the streets as dusk.
- Come with me, Marquis, - said the dwarf, suddenly, jumping to the ground. - I go to the cemetery "Holy Martyrs". There you will agree with my friends, and they quickly help you calm your monk.
Without delay, Angelica, russian girls lyrics, followed him. The dwarf walked in front of her, swaying from side to side.
- My name Barcarolle - he said. - It is a beautiful name, so beautiful, like myself, is not it? Ha-ha-ha,
- And he gave a sort of a rolling hooting, and then molded a snowball of dirty snow and threw it out the window at home, they pass.
- Run faster, Russian beauty - he said - and then we poured on his head now, the contents of the chamber pot, because we are interfering with sleep that damned bourgeois.
As soon as he uttered these words, the shutter creaked, and Angelica was very nearly the shower head lowered she continued to walk, and her legs were immersed mud, wet clothes, but she did not feel the cold light whistling attracted her to the gutter of a sudden, jumping there appeared Barcarolle.
- Excuse me, "Marquis», older russian women, because I stole away without saying goodbye. I went to my friend Janine Wood-Back - said the dwarf, panting.
Behind him came the second silhouette.
It was not a dwarf, a man with half the body, in addition, he sat in a large wooden bowl, holding in his hands knotted two pillars of wood, with which he moved to the pavement. "Monster" looked at Angelica, natural russian women, experiencing a look.

Russianbare girls

Suddenly, Angelique, pretty russian ladies woke up from their memories. No! It has not yet been definitively defeated. She remained the only - revenge. Monk Bechet must die! Angelica, russian free women, do not shudder from this terrible word, she only knew why he must die!
She saw in him everything that de Peyrac has been overthrown, who despised servants' stupidity medieval sophistry, against which he struggled in vain to defend the progressive science.
And this limited and untalented monk, for fornication in the darkness of scholastic dialectics, that he triumphed.
Geoffroy de Peyrak died. But before his death he called the monk to the church porch:
- After a month, you stand before God's court! And at the end of a month, russian girls lyrics ...
- Why are you standing here at night, alone, unless you have no money to enter?
Angelique turned around, looking through the eyes of his interlocutor, but no one saw. Suddenly the light of the moon, leaked between the clouds, lit dwarf stocky figure standing near her feet. The dwarf picked up two crossed fingers. A young woman remembered how once her servant, showing the sign, said:
- Madame, poor russian women, when you cross your fingers like that, my friends will say: "Yes, it's ours."
Mechanically, she imitated the sign of Kouassi-Ba shine smile lit up the face dwarf.
'- Yes, you really ours, but at first I doubted it - he said, still smiling. - You're in a gang-Rod Fire Gypsy, Crow, or toothless, Jacques?
Without answering, Angelica, russian girls, went through the glass to look at the monk Bechet. Jumped the dwarf jumped on the window sill boxes. The light emanating from the window, lit his big head in a dirty felt hat. He had small hands and plump, like a child's feet, shod in boots of burlap.
- Where is the client, to whom are you looking? This is the one that sits in the corner? Do you think that this bag of bones you pay dearly for your work?


It was a great scholar, a great artist. He had an extraordinary mind, was great in everything, and quickly won the affection and love for others, and his wife, initially inaccessible and wild, began gradually to a Russian woman, passionately loving it. But the fabulous wealth of the Comte de Peyraka arouse envy.
He was the victim of a conspiracy in which the king, fearing that powerful vassal, played an important role.
Accused of witchcraft, a prisoner in the Bastille, Earl appeared before the unfair trial and was sentenced to be burned at the stake. Angelique saw this monk burned at the Place de Greve, the man she loved. She saw the bloody glow of the flame dying fire in the rising sun, in the crystalline air of the coming of winter morning. Then came the stupor, darkness and despair. She was left alone, rejected by all, condemned to death, with his young sons. The tiny, expensive and Cantor faces Florimond surfaced in her memory. At times she ceased to follow the monk through the window, and leaned her head wearily.
Cried a Florimond at the moment, he called her, poor little angel? He had no more, no mother, no father. Angelica, russian women, leaving them at his sister's Horteense, despite her protests. Madame Fallot, the wife of the prosecutor, she was afraid to shelter children "sorcerer." With fear drove her Angelica, russian dream girls. Fortunately, there was Barba, pretty russian women, former maid Angelica, pretty russian ladies. She had a kind heart, and she took pity these poor orphans.
Angelica long and aimlessly wandered the snowy Paris, which was swarming with bandits at night hangouts, crimes and murders. The case had brought her to the tavern "Green lattice", where Bechet had just come to a beer to forget the fire, which by his grace "was lit on the Place de Greve.

Russian youngf girls

Angelique viewed through the glass face of a monk Bechet. A dark, moonless night, she stood alone at the window tavern "Green lattice", not noticing that the melting snow dripping from the roof of her shoulders monk sitting at a table in front of pewter jug ​​and drank, still looking straight ahead. Despite the tight window glass, Angelica clearly saw it. The interior of the cabaret was a little sooty. The main visitors 'green grid' were monks and church ministers. They came there to have a drink or a game of chess, and dice.
A young Russian woman, despite the cold, motionless
stood at the window. She, rich russian women wore a gown of coarse
fustian, linen cap covered her hair. However, the
as soon as the door opened a tavern and a ray of light falling
its silhouette, it was possible to distinguish between a very thin oval
beautiful and pale face, whose generosity
betrayed in her illustrious damu.Sovsem recently, this Russian woman was one of the most
to the luxury of brilliant ladies of the court of King
Louis XIV. She danced there in the golden dress
surrounded by a fiery glances court enthralled by her beauty.
It was Angelica de Sens de Montel
At seventeen, the parents gave her in marriage to a noble lady of Toulouse Count de Peyrac has been.
What terrible fate unexpected ways led her
here? In this sad and cold night, she stood, leaning over the window of the tavern and watched the object of their hatred. Watching the grim face of a monk Bechet, Angelica, pretty russian women.